Indian online payment gateway comparison

From past few weeks, I have been looking for an online payment gateway for our product. Here is what my research could dig up.

CCAvenue EBS ICICI Payseal Paypal / Google CheckOut
Starter Package 7500 INR @ 7% TDR 6000 INR @ 6% TDR 25000 INR @ 4% TDR 3.4% TDR
– Maximum coverage
– Includes telephone based payment
– Market leader with limited consumer brand recognition
– Professional organisation

– Prompt service
– Most affordable
– Provide additional discounts
– Supported by Axis Bank
– Lowest TDR among Indian options
– Supports Subscription based services
– Lowest TDR
– No Discounts
– Lethargic service due to their high market share

– Poor Coverage (No SBI net banking)

– Poor coverage
– Uptime issues

– No INR support
– Service is poor towards startups
My Verdict Best option by far 2nd best For large transactions only

If customers are abroad with monthly renewals

It was a close call between Ccavenue and EBS but went ahead with Ccavenue since they provide the maximum coverage with better uptime and security measures. Hope this saves time and energy for others who are contemplating the same. Do send in your comments which could be added to the table.

Indian online payment gateway comparison