A Morpheus portfolio company’s feedback

“With due respect to the Morpheus guys but I have never seen a single post from any of the ex-morpheus companies detailing how it helped (or not helped them). Because of this I just dont know what value they bring to table”sushrutbidwai

“I was just thinking that we should get some Morpheus guys to post a short testimony here. You know, as we are the Indian Entrepreneur Community, they must be interested”rick_2047

These are 2 comments on a recent post – “Morpheus’s Batch 6 – Startup Acceleration Program Application is now open!”, on Hackerstreet.

Yes, that’s a fair enough argument. So this is me, Shashank ND from Practo.com, Morpheus Batch 3 (July 2009) sharing my thoughts on how we are benefiting from being part of the Morpheus Portfolio Companies : Continue reading “A Morpheus portfolio company’s feedback”

A Morpheus portfolio company’s feedback