10 Changes

1. Stopped buying / reading newspaper and magazines. Dependent on web
Reason : Stale news, editorial content

2. Quit Facebook
Reason : Irrelevant information, time & focus sink

3. Decreasing use of Google Reader. Dependent on Twitter as a replacement
Reason : Better content at faster pace

4. Started a blog in 2010. Focused on startups, web, technology
Reason : Brings clarity to thoughts

5. Stopped using Read it Later. All articles read on Instapaper. Period
Reason : Simple wins. Always

6.  Started reading fiction. ‘Atlas shrugged’ was the first one.
Reason : Common Sense

7. Zero dependency on the local system. Information is online. OS, drivers, setup files on ext hdd and online
Reason : Local is lost. Need Web OS

8. 99% of all bills / expenses paid online  (Damn Maharashtra Electricity Board)
Reason : Netbanking makes running a company 80% easier

9. iPhone, my best investment ever
Reason : Trust only technology companies – Apple, Amazon, Google

10. All my offline applications are internet based
Reason : Refer reason 7 (More of a filler point)

10 Changes

7 thoughts on “10 Changes

    1. shashanknd says:

      Browser is 90% of the time. Even tweetdeck has moved online. App usage is very minimal. Only Apps I use are Evernote, Dropbox, Tweetdeck which take me online as well.

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