Work was supposed to be fun right?

Over the past few months, I have been asked one question very often – ‘Are you happy working ??’ or ‘Why do you work so much??’. To which my standard reply was – “Yes I am happy. I have always been. And thats the reason why I continue doing it”. But it turns out few of my friends have started to revaluate their career options because of their dislike towards their current work.
I have always believed that there are 2 types of people – ‘Ones who love their work and make work their life’ or ‘ones who work just to be able to make enough for their social life’. I definitely belong to the first kind. For me it was very simple, its important for one to work to either to showcase his/her talent, skill sets or make a difference. So the rest of the blog is aimed at the people who are of the 1st type but stuck at working for something they dont really enjoy.
It is interesting to note that recently quite a few films like Wake Up Sid, Rock On, 3 Idiots, Rocket Singh have carried the message of – ‘Follow your passion, success will follow you’. Passion could be for anything – photography, music, science or just sales. This is my answer to all my friends who are at the beginning of their careers and are not happy with their work or want more out of it.
Entreprenuership is only one of the ways follow your passion. You could be doing so in a big company or by just part of a small NGO group or by following your hobbies. Whatever you do, make sure its something you love doing. Only if you love or are passionate about your work will you be able to go work hard to understand it better, and hence have the ability to contribute towards it and take it forward.
I feel that the most important part of doing something you love is the amazing power of thinking. The ability to think and have thoughts are what keeps us fresh and alive. It gives us a purpose, an ability to understand ourselves and everthing around. This is what happens when you do something you love. You get immersed in thoughts and trying to think and come up with answers. Thinking is a very natural process and cannot be forced. Hence for all my friends who are not really happy with their work or expect something better. Its time to change. Its time to think.
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Work was supposed to be fun right?